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Carolyn McDonald grew up in a small town in the countryside of Jamaica. As a child she loved to paint and draw and has always delighted in the vibrant colours, varied textures, and rhythms of the tropics She obtained her B.A in Fine Art and a teaching certificate in Ontario, Canada. On returning to Jamaica, she had several exhibitions and was influenced by the rich artistic traditions on the island. Carolyn then moved back to Canada, making her home in British Columbia where she has continued to teach and paint. Her art is often inspired by her travels and also by the play of light that transforms everyday scenes and landscapes. She enjoys abstracting and interpreting what she sees so that the viewers will be challenged to fill in their own stories behind the images.  She has given workshops on teaching art to children, and with Art Starts, she worked as an artist in schools. She taught art at high school, college level, and in her studio. . Carolyn now lives on Vancouver Island with her husband, . She belongs to the Vision’s art group and participates in the studio tours., and shows her work in galleries. Her home studio/gallery is open by appointment.

Painter | Carolyn McDonald Art | Cowichan Bay

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