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I have loved making things as long as I can remember, and although I enjoy creating in different ways, nothing can match the joy that I get from painting. I immerse myself in that “other world” of colours, shapes and ideas, and then respond to the challenges that are presented as I work. I think that it is the spontaneous part that makes it so addictive.

My work is inspired and abstracted from my experiences-- places, people, and my Jamaican art backgound.  I start my painting with an idea for atmosphere, colour, and a basic composition. From that point, I lay in my shapes and soon the painting seems to take on a life of its own, each stroke demanding a balancing stroke or a change in another area. I constantly return to three major themes—landscape, figure, and abstract. I like to treat them all in an imaginative and intuitive way. My hope is that the viewer can sense the excitement and emotion that I feel as I work.

     Carolyn McDonald Artist statement

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